Who’s On Our Shirt? Part 6- Sylvester James, Singer & Songwriter

Sylvester James also known as the “Queen of the Disco” worked his way through the music industry in different groups and as a solo artist.  He is the artist behind a number of disco hits in the 70s and 80s including “Dance”, “You Make Me Feel”, “Do You Wanna Funk”, and “Living for the City”.

Sylvester was open about his sexuality and that he was gay at a very young age which caused conflict with his church and parents who were very religious.  This disconnect prompted his move to San Francisco where he gained legendary status amongst their thriving LGBTQ community,

Later in his life, he discovered his boyfriend was HIV positive and it wasn’t until after he passed that Sylvester was officially diagnosed with AIDS.  Sylvester was a HIV/AIDS activist and completed a number of interviews with the media. In his will, he left his royalties to be donated to HIV/AIDS charities.

Thank you, Sylvester James.  Because of you, we know more.

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