Who’s On Our Shirt? Part 3- Kenny Greene, R&B Artist and Songwriter

This one is for the nineties R&B fans.  Many of us eighties babies would consider this the best era of R&B and arguably music.  While the men were singing lyrics of love, all of this emotion came out of young men who were in an industry where many Black men were defined based on gangsta culture.

Kenny Greene (also known as G-Love) was a member of R&B group Intro who is probably most known for “Come Inside”, a Quiet Storm favorite.  Aside from the group, Greene had a promising writing career and was behind Mary J Blige’s “Reminisce” and “Love No Limit”; both songs mark forever moods.

In 2001, Greene did an interview with Sister 2 Sister in which he revealed he had AIDS and a great amount of details about his physical state.  I Love OldSchool Music provides the transcript from Sister 2 Sister which was cringeworthy.  Some of the interviewer’s questions were not only assuming but pretty intrusive.  They went as far as asking who gave him the virus and automatically assumed Greene was gay or an IV drug user.  At that time, Greene decided to share he was bisexual and while he has dated women he was also attracted to men.  The interview ended with Greene advising the audience to protect themselves.

Greene sharing his sexuality was a pivotal moment especially for the early 2000s.  There often isn’t a lot of room for men to share any variable in their sexuality that doesn’t fall in line with being heterosexual.  Even for a man to say he is bisexual, it often gets written off as gay. Today, we continue to learn that sexuality for many is fluid.  Greene’s transparency on the matter was ahead of his time.

Thank you, Kenny Greene.  Because of you, we know more.

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