RVA Honors Arthur Ashe via The Boulevard and at the Virginia Museum of History and Culture

Over the summer, I visited the new Arthur Ashe Boulevard in Richmond, VA.  What was previously known as just The Boulevard was renamed after the tennis icon and a formal celebration occurred on June 22.  This visit led me to the Virginia Museum of History and Culture which is currently running the “Determined” exhibit. “Determined” chronicles 400 years of the African American experience from the first noted arrival of Africans in 1619 to the present day.  The exhibit showcases beautiful images of various African American figures and the ongoing journey to equality.  

The museum also features the Ashe ‘68 photo exhibit and virtual reality experience.  The photo exhibit is amongst other featured African Americans in “Determined”. The virtual reality experience is set up by itself and is a cool way of viewing his win at the 1968 US Open and his pre-match press conference.

The Ashe exhibit and virtual reality experience are available until September 2, 2019.  Determined will be on display until March 2020.

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