Corey Boone, Supporter of Project Know explains what the Because of You We Know More Movement means to him…

At 5, I was scared of Chucky, the opening intro of HBO’s “Tales from the Crypt,” and AIDS.

I didn’t know much about AIDS at the time, but I remember feeling anxious about it after viewing those terrifying late 80s commercials that perpetuated fear and stigma about the disease and those who were diagnosed.

I wouldn’t fully understand the impact of those commercials nor the magnitude of lost until many years later.

After college, I immersed myself in queer media and history. I read multiple novels authored by E. Lynn Harris and watched hours and hours of videos, movies and documentaries on YouTube and Netflix.

One documentary, “We Were Here,” shares the stories of those who lived and worked in San Francisco during the early years of the AIDS epidemic. I was touched by the stories of courage and compassion, but I was particularly moved during a scene where pages of photos of AIDS victims were shown. To me, it represented the devastating lost of a generation.

One of my best friends, Kay, knows this lost too well.

Because of Kay’s aunt and the hundreds of thousands we lost during the epidemic we know more about the disease and the power of love in times of fear.

You can hear more from Corey Boone by visiting his blog on Medium.

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