Our Mission

The purpose of Project Know is to foster a community of HIV/AIDS advocates, activists, supporters, and organizations.  This is a place to share stories of how HIV/AIDS has affected different lives and find events to get involved in HIV/AIDS Awareness in your community. We aim to increase knowledge about protection and to promote compassion to fight negative stigmas. We hope our vested interest and shared compassion will create valuable connections.


Know Love. Know Support. Know Your Status.

Know Love. Know Support. Know Your Status.

Kathia DeVonne, Creator




HIV Negative.



Resident of the DMV.  

Career Coach.

College Graduate.

Unprofessional Dancer.

Pizza Lover.


Kathia first learned about HIV/AIDS in preschool. Her favorite aunt was diagnosed in 1989 and within the year she was gone. Due to her aunt’s untimely passing, she has always had a heart and ear to the HIV/AIDS community and wondered how to help. Her journey started with the “Because of you we know more…” t-shirt campaign, which raised funds that were donated to the Black Aids Institute. This initiative evolved into Project Know, created to bring people together, share stories, and support existing organizations.

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