5 Reasons To Get Tested on National HIV Testing Day and Any Other Day

National HIV Testing Day is on Thursday, June 27, 2019.  Project Know presents 5 reasons to get involved.

1. It’s FREE.  

Many community programs, universities, and healthcare organizations offer opportunities throughout the year to get tested at absolutely no cost.  

2. In addition to being free, you often get free stuff.

Who doesn’t love giveaways?! Testing is often accompanied with free items just for showing up and sometimes free food.  We all love free food!

3. HIV Testing is provided at pretty cool events.

Over the years, HIV/AIDS advocates have gotten really creative with events to promote HIV/AIDS awareness.  Movie screenings, fashion shows, TED talks, etc. Oh and did I mention free food?!

4. Knowledge is power.

Knowing your status allows you to monitor your health and take action, if needed.  Early detection is critical for proper treatment to continue to live a long and fulfilling life and it prevents the transmission of HIV to others.  The goal is still #gettingtozero

5. Safe sex is the best safe.

Safe sex isn’t just about using protection; it is also awareness of any STIs.  Sex is more enjoyable when there is peace of mind between you and your partner. 

The CDC recommends everyone get tested with routine health visits and every 3-6 months if your lifestyle increases risk.  Don’t wait, get tested immediately.  

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